What is the difference between an Insurance Broker vs. a Consultant?

Health Insurance Consultants are willing to offer their expertise to consumers to help them see their health insurance options from all angles, not just the angles that make them a commission.

Navigating life can be a daunting task.

  • Which way do I go? 
  • What’s the best option? 
  • What decision should I make? 

When I was younger, I felt like I knew most of life’s answers. But the older I become, the more I recognize that I didn’t know near as much as I thought I did! Now, I have found great value in seeking expert advice to help me make the hard choices. Experts can help me see a situation from a variety of angles. And while ultimately the choice is still mine, their viewpoint gives me a greater degree of understanding that builds confidence in the choices I make.

The same is true when making health insurance decisions. There is no “silver bullet” – so to speak – in the health insurance industry. But finding an expert to help you lay out an individualized strategy to solve your needs can often be worth its weight in gold. And with the cost of today’s medical procedures, we can almost take that literally!

This is what separates a Health Insurance Broker from a Health Insurance Consultant. While a Broker can represent many plans and options, their advice typically begins and ends with the options that make them a commission. This is how they are paid. So what they discuss is not always necessarily the best option for the consumer, but rather the best option for the consumer as it relates to what can make the broker some money.

Health Insurance Consultants see things a little bit differently. They are willing to offer their expertise to consumers to help them see their health insurance options from all angles, not just the angles that make them a commission. Their business is built on doing the right thing, and helping people navigate health insurance regardless of the commission schedule. They believe that in the end, GIVERS GAIN; and by planting the right kind of seeds in their business, they will reap the right kind of harvest. And while their advice sometimes may lead to products that make them some money, ultimately money isn’t their driving factor. Doing the right thing is.

So who is in your Health Insurance corner? Some guy that does health insurance? Or an expert who has a proven track record of helping people solve their health insurance problems, one strategy at a time? Having the right consultant can help you insure one of life’s most precious gifts – your health.

Getting help to put your Strategy into Action


Understanding Health Insurance Coverages, supplemental plans and medical treatment options outside of traditional health insurance policies can be confusing.  If you are trying to navigate this on your own and would like to help to put a plan together, I can help. I have over 17 years of experience helping people like you develop a plan of action and find coverage that works for your specific needs.  Feel free to contact me today at (316) 706-6012 to discuss your needs.



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