About 316 Health Insurance

A Health Insurance Agency Reimagined to Provide a Better Client Experience

How We Help You Find A Better Way...

  • We use an honest, straightforward approach. No pressure. No hassles.

  • We provide you with “red-carpet” client care.

  • We get it. We know how frustrating health insurance can be, and we do all we can to take the stress out for you.

  • We educate and empower you to UNDERSTAND, not “sell” you and “close” you through cheesy sales tactics.

  • When you meet with us, we give you solutions for YOUR benefit, not ours.

  • We strive to know our industry better than anyone else, so we always provide cutting-edge advice to our clients.

Meet our Team

Jason Garraway, Owner- Managing Advisor

Jason has been helping individuals, families, and small businesses creatively solve their health insurance problems since 2003.

He has the heart of a teacher, and the vision of an entrepreneur that wants to revolutionize the experience for the average health insurance consumer.

He has re-imagined a modern agency that works on behalf of health insurance consumers, not just health insurance companies; developing a tried-and-true system that empowers clients to make informed choices regarding their own health care, then walking beside them through times of claim with “red-carpet” client care.

Outside of the office, you will find Jason spending time with his family, traveling abroad, pouring into the next generation as a youth baseball coach, skiing, or doing a bit of scuba diving. His passion is to be the catalyst that takes people from confusion and frustration to clarity and empowerment.

Kristin Kyle, Office Manager

Kristin has been running small businesses since college. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management started her foundation for encouraging and developing small business growth, but her experience managing small companies for more than 15 years has solidified her passion and understanding that encouraging others is what truly motivates her. She thrives on helping people and will do whatever she can to listen and seek solutions to issues that people are facing. This fits in with the desire of 316 Health Insurance. We know that insurance is not one-size fits all and your coverage and your experience with our office shouldn’t be either.

Kristin is a Master Instructor in the SCUBA industry. She overcame a fear of sharks to become one of the world’s elite dive educators. She was recognized by industry experts as one of the world’s top international instructors and has completed more than 4,500 dives around the world. She has lived in places like Honduras, Hawaii and Mexico and has traveled extensively in search of the perfect dive spot. If you want to have an interesting conversation while visiting our office, ask her about some of her adventures.

Kristin quickly learned early in her career that everything she did to grow and help businesses succeed was centered around customer happiness. She brings her positive attitude and ability to encourage others to 316 Health Insurance. She joined the team in August of 2021. Her passion for developing teams and educating others has made her a great fit for 316 Health Insurance. She has previously been licensed to sell insurance in Utah, Arizona and Texas in addition to now being licensed in Kansas.

Outside of the office, you will find Kristin spending time with her boisterous husband, searching for new local restaurants to check out and dreaming of her next island dive vacation. She also enjoys spending time with friends and volunteering to help in various capacities where she is needed.

Common Problems We Solve...

About to Retire

Looking for advice on Cobra, Medicare and ACA

eligible for medicare

Looking for help navigating all my Medicare Options

Turning 26

Looking for help purchasing Coverge for myself

Self Employed

Looking for Coverage for myself &/or my family

Business Owner

Looking for Coverage for 25 or fewer employees

Paying more $1000/mo

Looking for Coverage that is less than $1000 per month

plus, many more...

Kind Words From Clients

I AM...

Turning 65

If you are turning 65 it is time to shop medicare plans. We can help through the confusing maze of Medicare.

I AM...

Self Employed

If you are turning 65 it is time to shop medicare plans. We can help through the confusing maze of Medicare.

I AM...

Losing Group Plan

If you are turning 65 it is time to shop medicare plans. We can help through the confusing maze of Medicare.

I AM...

Turning 26

If you are turning 26 it is time to shop for insurance plans. We can help a plan that makes sense for your budget and needs.

Next Steps

Working with 316 Health Insurance.
It is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...


Schedule a consultation

We have 3 convenient ways for you to connect with us:


Meet with an advisor

Prior to your meeting, we will send you detailed information on what to expect, what to bring, and where we are located. 


implement Your Strategy

We will walk with you every step of the way once you have decided on your path moving forward, from application/enrollment, to payment options, to claims handling, to “red-carpet” long-term client care.

Our Core Values

We refuse to accept that Health Insurance has a “One Size Fits All” solution. We endeavor to help our clients develop health insurance strategies that are uniquely tailored to their needs, desires, and budget. We do this through education and self-empowerment, NOT through confusion and sales tactics. We know that each client brings their own special set of intricacies; therefore, we are committed to finding personalized strategies for each situation. You are unique; your health care plan should be unique as well.

We are in it for the long haul. Our desire is to build long-lasting client relationships. We want to walk along side of our people through all their transitions in life. As needs change, laws change, and lives change; so also change the strategies that are in place for health insurance. We know that these types of trusting relationships can only be built through time and consistency.

Our goal is to make health insurance as stress-free as possible for our clients. We believe this happens as we consistently listen to and serve our clients. Not only do we seek to collaborate with our clients, advising them to design health insurance strategies that fit their lifestyle; we also want to help them bear the burden of how to leverage those strategies effectively, standing beside them through times of claims, advocating on their behalf as they deal with companies and providers, and coaching them to maximize their on-going coverage to its fullest potential.

We diligently desire to be a solution to the health insurance industry, not part of its problem. We recognize that the average consumer is overwhelmed, confused, and incredibly frustrated with the topic of health insurance. As a general rule, they are under-served and bombarded with salespeople who limit their advice to products that pay them the most commission, while shading product benefit information to highlight benefits while glazing over the gaping holes in their coverage. It is no wonder why there is little trust in the health insurance industry! It is our desire to be different. We want our client’s experience to be the absolute opposite of the indus-try standard. We will do all we can to build trust with our customers so that they know the ad-vice we give them is solid. The last phone call we ever want to receive is, “Why didn’t my health coverage work the way I thought it would…?”

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