What should I know about the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act is the #1 topic we discuss when we meet with individuals, families, and businesses about Health Insurance Plans.  With so many options available, where do you start?

Some households and businesses start out by searching for Health Insurance Plans through the online marketplace, where they can apply for new coverage or you change make changes (or keep) your previous marketplace plan.  Although this option sounds simple, as you already know, it leaves you wondering about deductibles, uncovered medical expenses, limits on doctor’s visits and many more concerns.

It helps to have an advocate, in your local area, to guide you in selecting the right plans for your household.  Individual Health Consultants has over 17 years of experience and professional advice for individuals, families and business alike.

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act is a health care reform law passed by the Federal Government in 2010 to make affordable health insurance available to more people.  Traditionally, if you had pre-existing conditions or your household income fell below the poverty level, you were left without coverage.

In some states, the Medicaid program was expanded to cover more adults with an income below the poverty level.  Plus, to make health insurance affordable, the law offers some families subsidies to lower costs. The subsidies are premium tax credits and qualifications for the subsidies are based on your household income for the prior tax year and are recalculated at the end of the year, based on current income.

When is open enrollment?

Open Enrollment runs from Nov 1 – Dec 15.  Qualified applicant’s coverage will begin in January 2020.

Can I enroll after December 15th?

Only qualified applicants who have experienced a life change may enroll outside the open period.  If you have Life Changes after open enrollment, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment option, if you or anyone in your household has had these changes within the past 60 days:

  • Got Married.
  • Adopted a Child, had a baby or placed a child for foster care
  • Lost a family member
  • Got divorced or legally separated and lost health coverage
  •  Moved
  • Lost your Health Insurance or expected to lose coverage in the next 60 days

There are many more specific life changes that we can help you understand.  It is best to contact us as soon as a life change occurs, so we can guide you through your options while you are still eligible for coverage.

Is it better to sign up on your own or work with a local health insurance consultant near you?

With so many confusing choices for health insurance, you might be wondering how can a local insurance consultant near me will help me get the best plans?  A local Insurance consultant knows and understands the Kansas healthcare marketplace and you are able to meet face to face, so you are confident in the choices you are making.

If you are confused by all the terminology, credits and qualifications, you are not alone.  Individual Health Consultants is an experienced Local Health Insurance Consultant who knows the insurance qualifications for families living in and around Kansas.  We can recommend affordable health insurance plans for you that will best serve your needs.

When you schedule a consultation you are not obligated to purchase insurance.  Our consultant will not pressure you into making a decision nor will you pay for the advice we provide.  We help you with a strategy to ensure you have the coverage you need, at a price you can afford.

Here are the most common concerns when we meet with individuals, families, and businesses:

  • Affordable Care Act Plan Qualification
  • Premium Subsidies and How to calculate if we qualify for credits
  • Tax Penalties
  • Supplemental Insurance Coverage Options
  • Direct Primary Care Medical Programs
  • Share Programs vs. traditional insurance plans

Find Affordable Care Act Plans in Kansas

Getting the right health care coverage is challenging.  If you are ready to learn if you qualify for the Affordable Care Act and you do not want to navigate these waters alone, please contact Individual Health Consultants today at (316) 706-6012.  We can help you select from a variety of Health Insurance Plans in the Kansas Marketplace that are best for your healthcare needs and budget.

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