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316 Health Insurance was built to provide a better client experience. We are here to be YOUR ADVOCATE!  With so many options available, we will come along side you and help you find the best supplement plan to meets your goals, budget and needs.

Our advocates will meet with you face-to-face and explain your options and answer all your questions.  You won’t have to rely on family and friends for the answers on which Medicare plans are best for you.

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Medicare Supplement Plans work right along your medicare coverage to help cover certain out-of-pocket expenses like coinsurance, deductibles, and copayments.  You may find yourself asking these exact questions, so I have take time to outline a few answers that may help you.

Open enrollment for Medicare supplement insurance occurs during the initial enrollment period after you register for Medicare Part B.  You have a limited 7-month period to allow you to select a plan. Signing up during the open enrollment for Medicare supplement insurance is an essential step in getting coverage. Insurers can’t deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition if you sign up during open enrollment for Medicare supplement insurance, so it’s essential to choose a plan during this limited, seven-month period.  When we meet, I can walk you through the exact time-line and coverages available to you, so you do not have to walk through this new phase of life alone.


Medicare Supplement Insurance is also known as Medigap.  You may have heard it describe as a policy or plan that will help you cover out-of-pocket expenses for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.  These costs are not usually covered by Medicare Part A or Part B. It is important for you to understand what is included in these plans and which plan will meet your needs and fit your monthly budget.

As a qualified health insurance consultant, I have 17 years in advising Retirees and Seniors on which plans are best for your family.  We will talk through a plan together and help you make a decision on the coverage that gives you peace of mind for your long-term health care needs.

Are you considering traveling outside of the US?

Medical treatment required while traveling outside the US also requires Medicare supplement insurance. The main differences among plans are that some policies have a high deductible, others require greater cost-sharing, and some cover more out-of-pocket costs. This is important to keep in mind if you have plans to travel during your retirement.

While no one wants to dwell on the what-ifs, having a home health care insurance plan provides you and your family with some peace of mind. You can rest easier knowing you’ll be able to meet your personal health care needs if you need to recover at home from an illness or chronic, long-term disease.

Home health care insurance covers a wide range of services to assist you with personal care and the tasks of daily living. Persons with home health care insurance can enjoy the benefits of recovery or ongoing care in their own homes.

Traditional Medicare has limited coverage for home health care and it is important and having a supplement policy to cover you is important.  Home Health Care policies can help you recover in the comfort of your own home instead of a hospital or nursing home.  

When looking for a policy, you may be looking for assistance with prescription drugs, therapy and an aide to assist you with daily activities.  It is important that you consider all your options for your care, so you have the coverage in place when you need it most. We are happy to discuss home health care options and provide you with guidance to help you select a plan that fits your needs.


Why 316 Health Insurance?

We are here to help! No pressure-filled, predatory or confusing tactics – just clear, supportive help from a trusted local insurance advisor.

When clients come to us for the first time, most of them do not even know how to articulate what their health insurance problem is. They “feel it” more than they can “explain it.” We use proven systems to help you uncover your true need, then truly listen to your frustrations so we can effectively work together to develop a health insurance strategy that works the way you want it to when needs arise.
When you work with 316 Health Insurance, you will feel supported, understood and respected. We treat all our clients with respect and take the time necessary to build trust with you to help you solve your problems, regardless of whether it leads to products we offer or not.
We help you consider EVERY option to solve a problem, not just the products that we can sell

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We will walk with you every step of the way once you have decided on your path moving forward, from application/enrollment, to payment options, to claims handling, to “red-carpet” long-term client care.

Our Core Values

We refuse to accept that Health Insurance has a “One Size Fits All” solution. We endeavor to help our clients develop health insurance strategies that are uniquely tailored to their needs, desires, and budget. We do this through education and self-empowerment, NOT through confusion and sales tactics. We know that each client brings their own special set of intricacies; therefore, we are committed to finding personalized strategies for each situation. You are unique; your health care plan should be unique as well.

We are in it for the long haul. Our desire is to build long-lasting client relationships. We want to walk along side of our people through all their transitions in life. As needs change, laws change, and lives change; so also change the strategies that are in place for health insurance. We know that these types of trusting relationships can only be built through time and consistency.

Our goal is to make health insurance as stress-free as possible for our clients. We believe this happens as we consistently listen to and serve our clients. Not only do we seek to collaborate with our clients, advising them to design health insurance strategies that fit their lifestyle; we also want to help them bear the burden of how to leverage those strategies effectively, standing beside them through times of claims, advocating on their behalf as they deal with companies and providers, and coaching them to maximize their on-going coverage to its fullest potential.

We diligently desire to be a solution to the health insurance industry, not part of its problem. We recognize that the average consumer is overwhelmed, confused, and incredibly frustrated with the topic of health insurance. As a general rule, they are under-served and bombarded with salespeople who limit their advice to products that pay them the most commission, while shading product benefit information to highlight benefits while glazing over the gaping holes in their coverage. It is no wonder why there is little trust in the health insurance industry! It is our desire to be different. We want our client’s experience to be the absolute opposite of the indus-try standard. We will do all we can to build trust with our customers so that they know the ad-vice we give them is solid. The last phone call we ever want to receive is, “Why didn’t my health coverage work the way I thought it would…?”

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